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Malware Protection System – Signature less Detection


The threat landscape has changed. Cybercriminals and nation-states are aggressively pursuing valuable data assets, such as financial transaction information, product design blueprints, user credentials to sensitive systems, and other intellectual property. Simply put, the cyber offense has outpaced the defensive technologies used by most companies today. Next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), anti-virus (AV), and security gateways are not adequately protecting organizations from the new generation of threats. With worldwide IT security spending expected to reach $86 billion in 2016, nearly all of it is spent on outdated, signature-based technology. Signature-based defenses stop only known threats, not the unknown, dynamic attacks being used today. This is why more than 95 percent of companies harbor advanced malware within their network despite the many layers of traditional defenses organizations have deployed.

Attacks have changed in form, function, and sophistication from just a few years ago. The new generation of threats utilize both mass-market malware designed to infect many systems as well as sophisticated, zero-day malware to infect targeted systems. They blend multiple attack vectors cutting across Web, email, and application-based attacks. And today’s attacks are aimed at getting valuable data assets—sensitive financial information, intellectual property, authentication credentials, insider information and each attack is often a multi-staged effort to infiltrate networks, spread, and ultimately exfiltrate the valuable data.

FireEye has created a new threat protection model featuring multi-vector threat intelligence, which is enterprise-specific to provide in-depth, cyber-attack life cycle protection against unknown and known attacks as well as targeted, APT attacks. With FireEye, organizations have real-time threat protection against blended attacks, malicious URLs, and spear phishing campaigns used to bypass traditional security. By correlating the multi-vector dynamic threat intelligence for a particular enterprise, customers can block attacks, respond to validated infected systems, and automatically share the indicators of compromised throughout the entire FireEye deployment and partner ecosystem technologies. The actionable FireEye threat intelligence enables customers to better leverage their existing infrastructure and achieve greater security ROI.

The FireEye platform features the following integrated products, the Web Malware Protection System, Email Malware Protection System, File Malware Protection System, and Malware Analysis System. The Central Management System, which unifies reporting, configuration, and threat data sharing, manages the overall FireEye platform deployment. Each appliance can connect directly, or via a CMS, into the Dynamic Threat Intelligence cloud, which offers global threat data sharing to stop emerging, zero-day threats.

Multi-Vector Protection Multi-Stage Protection
Protection against Web attacks Inbound zero-day exploit detection
Proection against email attacks Protection against file-based attacks
Protection against file-based attacks Malware binary payload analysis
Latent malware quarantine

- Do you know what content is coming from the Internet to your network?
- Do you realize your existing Security Infra is being bypassed?
- Heard of Zero- Day Attacks?
- What if the attack has just been developed?


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