Multi-Vector Protection Multi-Stage Protection
1- Security paper: The Paper is exclusively manufactured by security paper manufacturer and used for qualified security printers, and virtually impossible to reproduce effectively with photocopiers or scanners.

  • Invisible fibers and UV thread are embedded in the paper.
  • Paper showing genuine watermark.
2- Sequential Numbering: The purpose is track and Trace secured documents by adding the following features:

  • Specific Numbering font that can’t be printed with regular printers.
  • Can be printed in fluorescent inks and will be visible under UV light.
3- Microtext: Very fine printing that is unreadable to the human eye or a copy machine can be easily embedded into the normal graphics design or text, and a deliberate typo can be placed in a text string to identify a counterfeit attempt.

  • Small text can only be seen by using a magnifier.
  • Can be printed with litho or intaglio process.
  • If photocopied or scanned, the text will blurred and can’t be read properly.
4- Hologram: It is Foil stamped to the paper with the following features
  • Impossible to remove it by mechanical or chemical means.
  • Can be a 2D/3D Generic hologram ( on the certificate)
  • It can be advanced 2D/3D with microstructure and custom made to the client needs.
5- Invisible and Visible Fluorescent inks: Visible Fluorescent ink which fluoresces in a color different from the printed color when exposed to the UV light.
  • Invisible fluorescent ink appears when exposed to UV light source.
  • These inks are virtually impossible to reproduce with photocopiers or electronic scanners.
Available colors besides green: Yellow, orange and blue.
6- Intaglio Printing : Intaglio printing combines the fine-line details and three dimensional processes that only intaglio printing can produce.
  • The raised coarse feel created through use of steel engraved plates can’t be reproduced by even the most sophisticated color copiers or printers.
  • The latent image is created from microscopic ridges and grooves, possible only through intaglio printing process, that only visible when viewed at 45 degree angle to a light source.
7- Thermochromic inks:
It a sort of a secure ink that is used to create images that changes it’s status by heat factors such as rubbing the ink the color changes from solid to clear for less than 30 seconds and return back its solid color. This feature is very hard to be copied that is why it is one of the top security features.
8- Prismatic Printing: A background design, printed from one plate, which changes color across the document upon which it is printed.
  • Two colors blend into each other in a way that the change is difficult to stimulate.
9- Anti-Copy feature: Covert features that can be embedded in the background of the paper.
  • By scanning the paper at high resolution the word “Copy” will appear
  • By using color copiers at high resolution, the word “Void” will appear.
  • For ultimate result and efficiency of this feature, a dark gray, blue or green are recommended.
10- Scrambled Indicia: Patented Process that encodes a printed message with a covert feature, making encoded information unreadable by the naked eye, where it’s impossible to copy such feature by current color copiers and digital scanners
  • The encoded data can only be verified with a special decoder optical lens.
  • The encoding could be horizontal, Vertical or both.