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Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer

BTS offers Plixer International as its premium partner in Qatar. We offer a niche Network Monitoring solutions to cater to your Network woes.

While an intrusion detection system monitors a network for threats from the outside, a network monitoring system monitors the network for problems caused by overloaded and/or crashed servers, network connections or other devices.

Scrutinizer is a NetFlow and sFlow analyzer that provides incredibly detailed network utilization information about the users and applications that are on the network. Using both Cisco’s NetFlow Technology (an IOS software feature found in an ever increasing number of switches and routers) and industry standard sFlow, Scrutinizer is able to retrieve the traffic details you need and present them in a detailed graphical view.

It helps you in the following ways,

  • What are the user traffic trends for certain applications?
  • How much VoIP do you have on your network and who is involved with the most calls?
  • What traffic could benefit from prioritization?
  • What are the systems involved with a virus?
  • Why are certain servers communicating using strange protocols?
  • What applications are having the largest impact on the infrastructure?

Scrutinizer helps remove the guess work

Scrutinizer will quickly become one of the first tools you reference when the boss asks, “Why is it so slow?” Scrutinizer’s “Simple Flow Guide” will lead you from a high level interface down to a specific router, interface, user, application. Incredibly FAST!

Custom Reporting

  • Custom Reports will allow the user to configure very detailed reports:
  • IP Addresses, ranges and subnets
  • Port numbers and ranges
  • Defined Applications which include ranges of protocols
  • Combine interfaces from multiple routers
  • Specify bandwidth for the combined interfaces
  • Scalable interface for hundreds of routers
  • Security support for service providers wanting to give customers access to only specific data

Service Levels

Scrutinizer allows you to verify application availability while simultaneously letting you review traffic levels. For example, you can see if several people were, in fact, getting their email.

Conversation Reporting

Scrutinizer allows users to view conversation information being transferred between hosts. This is useful in determining not only what hosts are talking to each other the most, but what protocol is being used as well.

Network Behavioral Analysis

Scrutinizer uses behavior algorithms to automatically alert you when trouble is recognized to be outside of normal traffic patterns. It detects:
  • Zero day worms, SYN Floods and DoS attacks
  • Policy violations and internal misuse
  • Poorly configured and unauthorized devices
  • Unauthorized application deployments

Real-time Data

Scrutinizer is the world’s first real-time web powered NetFlow and sFlow tool. Its architecture scans thousands of conversations per minute and extends information in an easily comprehensible format. The following NetFlow information is captured in real-time:
  • Top Applications and Host
  • Top Applications per Host
  • Top Hosts per Application
  • Top Conversations
  • Top QoS and Autonomous Systems
Scrutinizer can also show a real-time SNMP trend of each interface’s utilization. Watch traffic flowing through a link as it is happening.

Historical Trending

The Scrutinizer "Intelligent Interval Retrieval Architecture"™ saves detailed data for unlimited years in many formats, which gives you the data to look back and see trouble spots.

Application Grouping

Sometimes applications can use a number of different protocols. Scrutinizer allows users to specify ranges of protocols and group them as a single type of application.

VoIP Analysis

Voice over IP (VoIP) Analysis is assisted by Scrutinizer by verifying:
  • How much voice traffic is historically on the connection
  • What devices are involved with the most VoIP traffic


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