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Card Solutions

We offer customized secure and non-secure card solutions that fit our customers specific needs an example of the card solutions market segments that we offer are :

1. Financial Cards
2. Membership Cards
3. Pre-paid Cards
4. Retail Charge Cards
5. Gift Cards
6. Loyalty Cards
7. Telephone Cards
8. Hotel Key Cards
9. Hotels and restaurants promotional cards

Some of the feature that we have in our cards

1. Environmentally friendly products such as :

  • AB Biodegradable Card
  • Corn Card
  • AB Recycled Card
2. Lenticular: Bringing Print to Life! Amazing Effects 30% more animation than from comparable technologies, we offer
  • 3 Dimensional – simulates depth
  • Morph – images transform before your eyes
  • Zoom – focus in on key objects from far away
  • Flip – switch between different images
  • Full motion video – show a short video clip or a simulated video using a series of photos
  • Combo – combine two of the above!
3. Design such as but not limited to :
  • Signature panel
  • Active label cards
  • Barcode
  • One or two sides printing
  • Logo
4. Data such as but not limited to:
  • Input data type
  • transmission method
  • web interface
  • reports

Identity Solutions

A. We offer secure, counterfeit-resistant identity products the serve market segments such as but not limited to :

1. Photo ID
2. Staff Cards
3. Schools ID
4. Photo and non-photo Licenses
5. University Student and Staff Cards
6. National ID Cards

B. Some of the security and production features that we use

1. AB POLYCARD : 100% multi-layer Polycarbonate Construction that delivers 10+ year life span.
2. MICROPRINT : Very fine printing that is unreadable to the human eye or a copy machine.
3. GUILLOCHE PRINT : A highly complex multiple color design pattern generated by mathematic formula. Impossible to reproduce by copy machine or recreate digitally.
4. HOLOGRAMS : A special optically reflective pattern applied on the surface of the card that changes images as the card changes angles.
5. AB DuoChrome Ink : Ink appears one color under traditional light and changes to another color under fluorescent light Impossible to reproduce by copy machine or recreate digitally.


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