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WhiteHat – Sentinel Source

Build security into the software development lifecycle

Keep pace with rapid development schedules—especially in Agile environments—by managing and fixing application vulnerabilities just like any other software defects. Let WhiteHat Security become an extension of your development team—testing your applications around the clock using specialized technology, roles, and workfiows that work within your existing operations.

Discover defects earlier in the development cycle.

Make it easy for your development staff to create fewer defects, earlier in the development cycle by analyzing code as it’s checked in with WhiteHat Sentinel Source. You can use Sentinel Source to find source code vulnerability defects as soon as code is placed in the repository. You can even test partial code.

Assess code efficiently. Test approximately 1,000,000 lines of code in less than 30 minutes.
Run scheduled assessments, daily or on demand. Assess applications as often as you need, as part of your Sentinel subscription.
Customize testing to fit the programming language you use. No need to waste time compiling code. Sentinel Source can assess each programming language, and is configured to test each framework.
Preserve your intellectual property. Perform testing on-premises; the majority of source code will not leave your internal network.
Gain deep visibility into your risk exposure with data analytics. Measure threat, governance, and compliance risks with role-based dashboards and data intelligence.

Slash the total cost of application security.

Let WhiteHat Security help you lower the total cost of security by minimizing the overall cost and impact of a breach.

Take advantage of a SaaS model. Identify and assess complex vulnerabilities quickly with a combination of automated testing and a dedicated force of security engineers.

Identify actionable vulnerabilities more often. Count on Sentinel Source to custom test each Web application to find the most common vulnerabilities—such as those in the OWASP Top 10 and WASC Threat Classification, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Unlike scanners that are unable to differentiate duplicates, or may Overlook vulnerabilities they haven’t been programmed to recognize, WhiteHat Security Threat Research Center (TRC) security engineers hand prioritize and validate every potential vulnerability—to help you determine where best to allocate resources based on severity and threat value, and:

  • Focus remediation efforts on actual vulnerability defects—zero false positives.
  • Verify no vulnerabilities have been overlooked—no false negatives.
  • Group vulnerabilities to avoid over-reporting duplicates.

Save time and money by remediating only actual vulnerabilities. By reporting, prioritizing, and providing remediation guidance for actual vulnerabilities, only WhiteHat Security can provide the highest levels of remediation accuracy at the lowest risk and lowest total cost, potentially saving you millions in loss: loss of data, loss of productivity, loss of brand equity—and loss of revenue.


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